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VOICE OVER in los angeles

OPUS recording STUDIOs

voice over recording studio los angeles


  • Ableton Live 10, Logic X, Pro Tools

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo,

  • Neumann TLM 102,

  • Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A,

  • Computer Interface

  • 2020 Mac Mini

  • Samsung - 34" LED Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor




Voice Recording the script

Music accompaniment 

(if needed)

Mixing & Mastering

Maximum Capacity: 4

1 hour session




A two minutes demo real showcasing your VO range

Individual VO sections

Music accompaniment

(if needed)

Mixing & Mastering

Maximum Capacity: 4

2 hours session

Voice over Recording STUDIO 

Female recording vocals

You can produce excellent voice-over projects with a professional recording studio for all given assignments. The studio acts as the all-inclusive production hub where quality preparation occurs.
In our studio, we have the right tools, the quality of audio clips produced will be captivating. Such quality audio clips have a direct positive impact on the life of a voice artist and meet the advertising needs of any brand.

While owning a personal recording studio comes with convenience, the option is not suitable for all clients. Some might want occasional services, while others might be too busy to deal with the standard metrics of learning how a studio works.

RNB female artist


  • Hiring a sound engineer jumpstarts your voice career instantly. Renting a studio means immediate access to recording facilities, speeding up project delivery since the setup is already in place.

  • It's more cost-effective than setting up your own studio, where equipment costs can be prohibitive. Buying recording software, DAWs, plugins, computers, and microphones, and learning to use them all, is a significant investment, especially for beginner voice-over artists. Renting studio time may be the most feasible option.

  • Experienced expertise is available in our voice recording studios, with trained staff on hand to assist during sessions. If you were to set up your studio, you'd need to learn recording software, equipment operation, and procedures, which takes time and affects the quality of your work during the learning curve. However, with a sound engineer's help, you can produce top-notch voice clips.

  • Studio rental offers flexibility that personal studios may lack. Many voice-over projects come with requirements that personal setups can't accommodate, such as limited space for multiple actors or the need for specific formats or quality levels that your equipment may not support. Failing to meet these requirements could result in missed opportunities.


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